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 The  Signature Business Revolution is here!

Finally, The NEW WAY To Scale Your Coaching And Consulting Business...

To Reach More People, Have A Greater Impact,

And Get Your Life Back! 

Without Ever Losing Intimacy Or The Actual Transformational Results For Your Clients!


You have a HUGE MISSION to create a lasting impact in this world!

You know you want to work with someone who has the experience and expertise to help you navigate the changing market... 

...and create lasting impact for you, those you love, and the people that need you now more than ever!

Because, you’re smart enough to know...

You're meant for something more! 



The ONLY Business Transformational program of its kind that gives you EVERYTHING you need to create your N.E.U.R.O. Transformation™ Optimized Products...

...with full clarity, confidence and guidance to launch your 6 or 7 figure business without burnout so that you stay lit up and free as you become the CEO of a Signature Impact Business!


That GUARANTEES you scale your business and coaching by leveraging the latest science-backed transformational strategies with the best business growth tools to expand your impact so you can change more lives while freeing up your time for those close to you.

You're getting over 31 years of experience with in person and online training, coaching and consulting, and working with some of today’s leading neuro-scientists and leaders in human potential. All distilled down into a simple 6 step framework that will make ALL the difference for you, your business and the lives you will change.

This in not a “dump a bunch of information in videos” course. We have poured our hearts into creating and unbeatable user experience with you, your schedule and your learning style in mind. 

Each module is designed to get you maximum results so you in turn can create your signature Impact on the world without roadblocks.

When you apply the H3O Framework™ with real proven tools and strategies, you will feel more fueled, alive and aligned with your business than ever before.

Imagine... getting your time back for the people and things that matter most. That means you, your loved ones, your purpose and freedom and more of the people you are meant to serve getting your help.

HERE ARE 5 ways having your Signature impact™ program will transform you, your clients and your business so you become the top of mind Impact CEO in your niche:

Instant Audience attraction to your products

You get clear on your programs and offers based on matching your unique strengths and genius zone to the exact needs and of your customers so you are able to connect to your ideal clients better than anyone else in your niche.

Sales with ease

Create a “please take my credit card” demand for your products and services from willing eager and people who you will confidently help without “hype sales” funnel hacking tactics and trickery or ever feeling pushy or salesy again.

Top-Of-Mind Expert Status as you become the leader in your market.

Your programs and products will be known for providing the most results and because you will have our proven step by step impact framework you can easily create the #1 program that actually delivers lasting change and results to your clients and course participant everytime no matter the topic.

Create your one of a kind Fingerprint framework™

Create your unique 'stand out' offer the way only you can. The main reason so many mission based entrepreneurs get stuck in overwhelm and burnout is because their business is not rooted in an ALIGNED foundation in the first place. In this module you will align your Purpose Mission and vision for your brand, products and messages. So you can avoid the misalignment mistake that causes most coaching businesses and ‘digital courses’ to never get to 6 figures and the reason why only 1% get to 7 figures.

Like It did for these new Impact CEO’s...

Jim Carson


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Julia Hardy

Founder Sharp Magazine

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Over 12 months we will build Your  

Signature impact business TOGETHER. 

Each Module in Signature Impact has easy to access videos, downloadable audio and workbooks and optimized for your ipad, phone, laptop or desktop. You will never lose track as we do the work for you, logging you in just where you left off each time so you flow right on through to create and scale your Signature Impact to the world.

I am beyond excited to show you what’s waiting for you once you become a Member!

In these 12 months you will...

first quarter

Complete the entire Signature Impact™ Foundational 9 module program. Create your Signature Offer™ top-of-mind transformational product that cares for and transforms your clients like no one else. Make every program you create a VIP style delivery.

second quarter

Focus on your traffic generation system analyzing your metrics and your client retention strategies to increase your ROI. Create your back-end and premium offers to maximize your customer lifetime value.

third quarter

Review and refine your metrics and scale your numbers and sales.

You'll also create your micro Spotlight Offer™ that steers people towards your main Signature Program™. Create a paid traffic generation system so that you never have to lose money on Facebook ads again. 

fourth quarter

Plan, create and implement your CEO evergreen funnel machines. 

YOUR JOURNEY begins with the signature impact program.

in 3 months we cover these three phASES that set the foundation for your signature business:

Phase 1 


Module 1: from Idea to Influence

Feel more energized and excited to work with the constant inflow of people you love and who light you up because you are uniquely designed to help them.

You will match your true voice in the way that they can hear you and this will make all the difference in who shows up to buy and learn from you.

You will know without a doubt, that you have a winning solution that helps them with crystal clarity while fueling your purpose, your impact, and your business success.

TOP Product Idea Analyzer™

Gain certainty in your ability to influence as you learn how to walk your ideal clients through your own framework. Guide your tribe from limited beliefs to aspiring to the vision you help them see for themselves. Embody the impact leader Mindset with your unique message with certainty and confidence. 

Your M.A.C. Discovery Grid™

Enjoy this NEW cutting edge method for knowing your Most Amazing Client (M.A.C.s) wants and desires more deeply - above and beyond anyone else! 

A new way to discover your perfect client avatar’s more pressing questions, pains and challenges that you can solve on your programs.

When your ideal clients hear you speak, read your post or watch your videos, they will feel like you really get them better than anyone else.

MODULE 2: Your Unique Methodology

Map your one of a kind “I gotta have it!’ Offer 

Now that you’ve uncovered your perfect client’s pains and frustration like no one in your market else can, it's now time to build them a bridge to the solution on the other side, with your Signature Impact Framework™.

Finally, be happy and maybe even excited, to answer that ever so annoying question, “So, what do YOU do?” with confidence, and even a hint of excitement, as you share the name of your methodology.

When we’ve mapped your ‘one of a kind’ process, you will have fun creating and naming you own Methodology. 

Your product and programs will stand out from everyone else's because you have a unique mechanism - One that no one else has!

You’ll feel so confident, clear and purposeful when you have a name and a map that you can communicate with ease and get your perfect clients asking for more in an instant.

MODULE 3: Proprietary Visual Frameworks and Tools

Bring your methodology to life. What's visible is shareable.

Design your unique Visual Framework that captures your insights, your uniques process and give you positioning above and beyond anyone else.

Unique Visual Framework™

Put your voice to visual. Map your methodology to your Unique Visual Framework using our simple 4-Step Selection V2V Process.

Framework Library Templates

Discover the right visual colors and shapes that instantly captivate your ideal clients so that they connect you to the result they want. Get access to our template library that is only available to for our Signature CEO’s

MAC Magnet Maximizer™

Design your Most Amazing Client (MAC) avatar call out to attract and build a tribe of raving fans and have them raise their hand to participate to learn more from you.

Phase 1 Unlock Bonus: 

How to create your program content in a way that motivates and sticks so that real change happens.

Phase 2 



Attract your Most Amazing Clients (MACs) and build your tribe of raving fans by having them excited to opt-in to your list.

Now that you have your framework and's what's next.

But where do I find the right people who would love and buy my programs??

Even if you create the most amazing programs, the best actually, it’s no use if no one knows about it.

In this module, Prepare to be mind blown by all the responses, e-mails, DM’s and the requests for more info you will be getting when you follow the templates, scripts and simple provem social selling strategies to promote your Signature Impact offer. 

You will create irresistible marketing messages in a fool-proof Framework Content Creation Process that connect to almost instantly shared so that your visual framework will be the talk among your ideal audience so your list continues to fill up with your perfect avatars who are most likely to take action

Quick Content Creation Frameworks™

Creating highly engaging content that connects with all learning types so that each client is able to consume the lessons and learn the key points in a way that delivers them the best results. 

These proven templates and worksheets easily step you through the process of organizing the information and formatting it into the various communication styles for each client. 

The C.A.K.E. Method™

Create your deliciously consumable content that your prefect clients can't help but want to consume. 

Use the C.A.K.E Method: Connect Align Knowledge Engage that uses your unique framework to create a content building machine that will give you the most amount of amazing content in the least amount of time using your impact framework. Like a piece of C.A.K.E.


Convert your ideal Clients Magnetically without ever feeling salesy or pushy so you close sales with ease and actually enjoy your launches!

Use our easily laid out A to Z complet launch plan system. Fill in the blank slide templates will help you complete your H3O converting Webinar, so you can launch your Signature Program with ease so you can focus on your clients Transformation.

Head Heart Hero Launch Method

Your Step by Step blueprint so you avoid the 3 biggest  pre-launch mistakes that most coaches and course creators make that will kill your engagement and conversions without even realizing it.

Your Signature Offer That Impacts™

How to create a signature offer that impacts. You will create a magnetic framework offer that is unique to you, you brand and is irresistible to the people to need you so that more people step up, say yes to the change they need and convert. Use our simple process to fill in our 15 point Long form sales copy framework so you never have to hire a $20,000 copywriter to do it for you.

Facebook Group Maximizer

Grow and Monetize your Facebook Group. Facebook has announced that it’s new focus moving forward is groups. You’ll learn How to effectively lead a super connected and engaged group program. The pieces, templates and guidelines to keep each of your participants active, seen, felt and motivated.

H3O Sales Call Template™

You will get access to our H3O Sales call template so you never have to feel nervous talking to your most amazing clients. You will feel natural and confident because we hand you the scripts so you know what to say or ask to invite them to your program so they can change their lives.

MODULE 6: "Tech made simple" success vault

We've gone beyond to make it so easy for you to follow and implement our step by step guides, walk-through videos and implementation checklists. 

By the time you're setup, you'll feel relieved, excited and like a genius for getting this done so easily and quickly so that you can focus on simply seeing and using your genius to impact lives. 

Back-End Automation Templates

Launch your programs and courses with the robust back-end automation sequences that we've developed and use for our own programs.

Pre-Done Funnel Templates

Bring your Signature Course to life fast using these templates that give you a huge head start. Pre-built funnel templates all setup and ready to go, complete with built in automation. 

Unlock Bonus: 

Simple Pro-Studio Setup™

The simple behind the scenes peek at our ‘pro studio set up” that you can set up almost anywhere in your own home or office and look like you have a full blown pro studio for less than $180. So there is nothing holding you back from hitting that record button and getting you gift out to those who need you NOW.

Phase 3 



Transform like no one else in your market.

Discover the techniques for re-creating the power of a 1 to 1 transformational experience online. 

This is my favorite module and sets Signature Impact Course creators at the top of their market for results online or in a live workshop.

After this module we will make sure that you are avoiding the mistakes that most course creators make that cause the current crisis of 97% of programs never completed.

The people you can help don’t want more information, they want the highly valuable changes that will help them. The way you communicate how to change makes all the difference because they are going to listen to the person who can speak their language you will learn to communicate and motivate all 4 neuro-learners unlike almost all online courses out there. This is set you far apart as real industry leader.

Neuro-Transformational Program Design

How to know the right amount of content and how to organise your Module and lessons so you never unintentionally overwhelm your students. You will know with 100% certainty what to include and how to avoid the huge mistake I see so many course creators make. I’ll share the magic numbers that work for modules and lessons and why it matters to the brain.

Neuro-engagement™ Content Builder™ 

I’ll walk you step by step through guided course creation templates you fill with your content, activities, milestones and more! You will have one of a kind curriculum with easy-to-implement content your students can actually complete and get results from. You will feel lit up as you see the progress, post, outcomes and the result that you taking this step


An Epic customer on-boarding experience will connect your new customer to you and reassure your clients that they are in the right place.

Exceptional on-boarding well you will reduce refunds and increase participation even before your program begins with the tips and strategies in this module.

Pre-set Mindset and Motivation even before your course or program begins. (Karen-note) Strategies for engaged learners PDF download)

Course Completion Secrets™

Many course creators soon figure out that 97% of most online courses never get completed. Those clients never get the results they so desperately need or buy from you again. I will teach you everything we do that genuinely gets us over 90% completion and the highest customer lifetime value in the industry.


An Epic customer on-boarding experience will connect your new customer to you and reassure your clients that they are in the right place.

Exceptional on-boarding well you will reduce refunds and increase participation even before your program begins with the tips and strategies in this module.

Pre-set Mindset and Motivation even before your course or program begins. (Karen-note) Strategies for engaged learners PDF download)

Transformation Road Map™ Designer

Your customers get to sample small transformations with you to reduce their fears of change and to build trust in your ability to help them.

Signature Product Ladder™

Together we will structure your offers to create your Signature Product Ladder.

that's just the first quarter!

This is only the beginning of our year-long journey together. After we spend the first 12 weeks building your foundational strategy and you've done your first launch, the next 4 weeks will take you to number one in your market as we build your revenue engine and the Signature Business you were born for. 

Over our 12 months together...

You're Getting: 

The Complete Signature Impact™ Framework Course

This deep dive intensive 12 week program will help you redefine your business and set the foundation for explosive growth and impact.

You'll have access to all 9 modules; 30+ lessons of video training, audio downloads, in depth workbooks and interactive tools inside a cutting edge learning portal custom designed for your success.

LIVE 1-on-1 On-Boarding Strategy Call With Karen

I am committed to your success and getting you started off in the right direction with a solid plan for success! I have been where you are and have grown my own businesses to 6 and 7 figures multiple times in different industries and markets.  

I want to learn what drives you, what your goals are and make sure you have a plan that will take you to the success and impact that you know is there for you.

12 LIVE Video Laser Coaching Calls With Karen

These are priceless! As we go through the work together, these key milestones on your journey will make all the difference to moving to your successful outcome in the shortest time possible - saving you months or even years!

12 LIVE Accountability Calls With Your Personal Coach

We know that accountability helps us keep on track with our purpose and growth. We know that there’s a distracting world out there that can pull us away from what's most important, so I took care of that by making sure you have impeccable support. 

24 "Tech Tuesday" LIVE video Q&A Calls

Our tech team is ready to support and answer any questions you have, so you can focus on impacting lives! We cover all topics from domain names, Facebook pixels, video recording & editing to course setup and more... we've got you covered!

Elite Private WorkSpace Group

In this High Vibe Community Of Support & Feedback, you will be immersed in a helpful, giving, community that is honestly priceless in terms of the feedback, support and our members actively participate in each others growth.

Plus, our super duper qualified Impact Coaches are in our community daily, and there there for for absolutely anything you need to grow your signature Impact Business, whether its mindset, strategy, tech, you name it... there’s a coach for that on our team. No question is too newbie or too ninja. I want to make sure that you never have doubt or uncertainty getting in the way of your business and your impact.  

Complete Purpose Academy® Online Marketing Knowledge Vault

Get access to detailed, step-by-step trainings on everything you need to know to design, build and grow your Signature Business. Here is a just sneak peek:

  • Karen's personal content planning strategy system & templates.
  • Email copy writing & swipe files for 6 types of funnels. PLUS 52 weeks of nurture templates.
  • Social messaging that converts your best customers for life.
  • Strategy Call Outlines & How To Guide.
  • "Tiny Offer"/SLO Funnels
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Podcast Master Course
  • LinkedIn Marketing Strategies
  • How to grow & scale your Facebook page and group.
  • Organic Selling Systems
  • Plus more...

Launch Supervision by Karen & Her Team For 4 Launches In The Next 12 Months - Each With A Customized 90-Day Plan (Priceless)

Get Karen's eyes on your launch strategy, pricing, offer, etc. Simple tweaks here can make a huge difference in your conversions and profitability!

25 Minute Personal 1:1 Offer Packaging & Strategy Call With Karen
- Value $2,500

Create Your Signature Method™ 2-Day Virtual Workshop 
- Value $3,000 - Premium Funnel & Marketing Automation Software
- Replaces up to $10k/year in software tools

How Does The Program Work?

All the course materials, downloads and instructions are provided in our members-only state-of-the-art course portal. You'll be able to follow along and learn at your own pace after each module is released. 

Each module is comprised of several short video lessons and workbooks. Downloadable audio versions, transcripts and lesson summaries are also provided so that no matter how you like to learn, we have you covered. 

We also have fun interactive components that help you retain everything you've learned AND the entire site is optimised for your mobile device so that learning on the go is easy and convenient. 

You Will Be Supported THE ENTIRE TIME!

During your Impact experience, you'll learn step-by-step about my proven system to build reliable, reoccurring revenue in your business. But after years of coaching and consulting on a high level, I know it's natural to have questions. That's why we've gone to great lengths to support you through the whole experience.


Unlike your competitors who offer a one-time product, your customers stay with you for years because... 

YOU have programs that continue to take them deeper and deeper through the changes they need. Their lives are more deeply changed because you have setup your systems and programs to plan for and facilitate the change your people so desperately need.


Interactive Success Analyser tool 

That we developed from 30 plus years of experience creating over 6 Seven Figure Businesses of our own.

Uniquely designed so you can scale your signature business with ease and speed.

  • Ads that Impact.

No Copy For This


Have an automated Marketing and Selling Machine that took us years to perfect so you can make money while you travel, spend time with your loved one without guilt for taking a financial loss. I’ll be giving you some of our being the scenes evergreen systems and tools.

MINDSET For Millions

Create an unstoppable mindset so you grow your business and leave behind trading hours for dollars burnout so there is no more limits in your mind to how big a difference you can make and how much of a difference you can make.




12 Monthly Payments of 


- OR -


One Payment of



PLUS: 3 Live Virtual 2-Day Workshops

Payment Option Details:


12 Monthly Payments of 



One Payment of



PLUS: 2 Live Virtual 2-Day Workshops:

Your Signature Message™ Copywriting

Mini Offer To Mighty Impact™



The Complete Signature Impact™ Course

$9,997 Value

Live 1-on-1 On-boarding Strategy Call With Karen

$1,997 Value

24 LIVE Video Laser Coaching Calls With Karen

$9,997 Value

12 LIVE Accountability Calls With Your Personal Coach

$4,997 Value

"Tech Tuesday" LIVE Video Q&A Calls

$5,997 Value

Elite Private WorkSpace Group

$997 Value

12 Months Access To The Complete

Online Marketing Knowledge Vault

$4,997 Value

Launch Supervision For 4 Launches

$9,997 Value

Total Value: $48,976 USD

12 monthly payments of


Or, Pay In Full And Get

2 months FREE

PLUS: 3 Live Virtual 2-Day Workshops



12 Month Mentorship

The Complete Signature Impact™ Course

$9,997 Value

Live 1-on-1 On-boarding Strategy Call With Karen

$1,997 Value

24 LIVE Video Laser Coaching Calls With Karen

$9,997 Value

12 LIVE Accountability Calls With Your Personal Coach

$4,997 Value

"Tech Tuesday" LIVE Video Q&A Calls

$5,997 Value

Elite Private WorkSpace Group

$997 Value

12 Months Access To The Complete

Online Marketing Knowledge Vault

$4,997 Value

Launch Supervision For 4 Launches

$9,997 Value


2 Live Virtual 2-Day Workshops

Your Signature Message™ Copywriting

Mini Offer To Mighty Impact™

$5,997 Value

Total Value: $54,976 USD


Get 2 Months FREE

PLUS 2 Live Virtual Workshops

100% commitment Guarantee

We pride ourselves on the success of our clients. We've never had someone go through the Signature Impact™ Mentorship program as intended, do the work and not receive an extraordinary return on their investment. If you're the first, let's talk. 

We only want to work with people who are 100% committed with an unstoppable growth mindset. If that's you, then we are fully committed to your success. If not, we strongly encourage you to seek another program instead.

What Others Have Asked Before Saying, "Heck Yes!"

What If I don’t have an email list?

What if I’m not an expert in any area? Will this work for me?

How is this different from other course creation products out there? 

I’m new to marketing. Will this work for me?

What if I can't attend all the sessions?

What can I expect when I join Signature Impact? 

Will Karen be available to answer questions if I get stuck?

Where does my Signature Program fit into my existing products and business ?

How Much Time Will This Take? 

Is this only for products, or will it work for services too?

I've Been Creating Courses For Years. Will This Teach Me Anything New?

What if Signature Impact isn’t for me? Do you offer a refund?

What if I’m not technical?

I struggle with visibility and creating free content to promote my services or programs. How will this help me?