How To Get Paid Top Dollar in Your Market With A Signature Offer

By Karen Smith

January 24, 2019

Signature Idea™ Series - Part 2 of 4

How do the top 3% of coaches and consultants in any market make so much more than the other 99% of people in their market? 

You might guess that they work harder, or longer or are even smarter than the rest,… but that’s not it! 

It’s not that they don’t work hard, but so do many others in the 97% group that don’t make nearly as much. 

But still, these top earners generate substantially more income than the rest, by a large margin, and how they do it – as you’re about to learn – is quite simple!

As a veteran entrepreneur, I’ve been in the coaching and offer creation industry for 32+ years. 

That’s right. I started my first six week workshop at the wee age of 16 trying to raise money for college while I was in high school. And I was known for one thing that propelled me to instant success. I became the “Go-To” expert in my country on an island with 1.5 million people.

Today, with 582 million entrepreneurs globally, standing out from the crowd is essential if you want to create a successful business. I’ve done it now seven times throughout my career in many different industries, and I’ve perfected the process into my Signature Method® that will take you step-by-step and help you do the same thing.

How do you do it?

Where do you start? 

The secret is having a Signature Offer™ that stands out from the crowd and positions you at the top of the income scale, because your offer is so unique and solves a very specific problem for your perfect clients. 

In this Part Two of the Signature Idea™ Series, you’ll learn how to discover the big idea that you feel confident about and that you can put out in the world as your Signature Offer and feel confident that it will sell right now.

Not only will it sell, when it feels purposeful, it feels like it’s aligned with what you’re here to do, and that your people are going to get value from it. 

It all starts with a signature idea based on your unique superpower. This will allow you to get paid top dollar in your market and launch or refine your business toward success. My Signature Method® will allow you to discover your signature idea and signature offer!

Step 1: Find Your Signature Superpower

What makes your Signature Offer unique is also what will make your business a success. The right offer will make you the “go-to” person for your industry. 

In Part One of this series, I showed you how to find your unique Signature Superpower and the four places to look. Whether you have a natural genius or a purposeful genius – or an expertise or something you are super passionate about, clearly defining your Signature Superpower in the first step. 

Now, here in Part Two of the Signature Idea series, you’ll learn how to use your superpower to create financial freedom in a way you are passionate and excited about.

Step 2: Develop Your Signature Superpower’s Ability To Generate Income (7 Proven Ways)

Now that you know how to unlock your unique superpower, you probably want to know how to dial in that superpower’s ability to become your successful business. There are seven things to think about when you create your business and develop your superpower. Let’s go through each one of them. 

1. General Practitioner vs. Specialist

When you have a specific health problem, you probably go to a specialist, right? This person has extra knowledge of a particular subject area. For example, you wouldn’t go to a general surgeon for a facelift, would you? No! You would go to see a plastic surgeon. 

Why? A specialist instills more confidence and trust in their clients. The same goes for business. You want to make yourself into a specialist for the problem you are trying to solve. Whether that is how to make the best tie-dye shirt or how to find the love of your life — become a specialist. 

2. Become the “Go-To” Name for the Problem You Solve.

The more relatable you become, the more people will go to you for what you offer. You should become the “Go-To” name for the problem you solve. In other words, during a random conversation between two people about a problem, you want one person to say, “Oh, I know (fill in the blank with your name), who does that — that’s your person!” 

When you become the expert or “Go-To” person for a particular thing, you’ll stand out in your uniqueness!

3. But I’m Afraid To Let Go of All My Good Ideas! (My babies!)

Are you the type of person that has a million ideas swirling around in your head for that perfect business plan? Don’t be afraid to let go of some of your ideas during the process of creating your signature idea. 

You don’t have to kill all of your “idea babies.” Some of these ideas will fit into your ultimate signature idea. They might be a small part of a larger plan. Finding that one big idea will help you see what other ideas can be integrated into your plan and what ideas need to be let go of. It is all about focus.  

4. The 3 Main Mega Niches

There are three mega niches into which all signature ideas fit. Here, I’ll introduce them to you. I have found that your superpower will fit nicely into one of these three main mega niches. What are they? 

  • Money, money and wealth
  • Health and wellness
  • Love and relationships

5. Avoid the “I Help Everybody” Trap

It is good and powerful to think that your signature idea or signature method will help everyone. However, to be successful in one of the three mega niches, you need to dial in your superpower. 

What does this look like? Define who it is that you can help. Is it the mom? The couch potato? The student? Once you locate your mega niche and define who you are trying to help, you can refine your focus and start to unlock the true nature of your superpower.

6. The Power of Focus: Sunlight and the Laser Beam

Building a successful business and brand requires focus. What do I mean? You might start with a bunch of small ideas designed to help everyone. You can think about these ideas like the sunshine: lighting up everything in its path.

Sunshine is great; it does so many things for so many people. However, when you concentrate that sunshine, like with a magnifying glass, it becomes infinitely more powerful. This is what focus can do for your business.

Identifying your superpower, finding out where it fits within the mega niches, and developing a signature idea or method requires focus. Your business becomes more and more successful as you discover how to solve people’s problems with your superpower. 

7. Holding Up That Superpower as a Torch in Someone Else’s Darkness

As you can see, discovering your true superpower requires an inward look at your own life. Your journey to becoming an entrepreneur is unique to your life. It might be born out of a struggle, something natural, something you have worked toward for many years, or a self-discovered passion. 

No matter the source of the superpower, to turn it into a successful business, you need to discover how to deliver your message to others so that they see it as a torch in their darkness. About 20% of small businesses fail in the first year. You want to be part of the 80% that succeed!

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Are You Ready To Discover Your Own Signature Superpower?

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About The Author

Karen Smith is a veteran business strategist who started a six-figure fashion company in Trinidad at the age of 16. Three decades later, she’s launched businesses in six different industries, including two multi 7-figure businesses. With this proven experience, she has perfected the art of helping six-, seven- and eight-figure entrepreneurs scale their online companies. As the founder and CEO of Signature Success®, she uses techniques that blend neuroscience research with proven corporate strategies to help her clients find clarity, create positive global change and build the businesses they were born to lead.