How To Attract Your Most Amazing Clients and O.U.T. C.A.R.E. Your Competition

By Karen Smith

January 31, 2019

Signature Idea™ Series - Part 3 of 4

As a coach, consultant or service provider, the critical key to positioning yourself as the “Go-To” expert in your market and getting paid top dollar is your ability to know your clients better than they know themselves (I’ll show you how) and solve a very specific and top-of-mind problem for them. But, there’s one more very important thing…

But first, remember, your clients are at the core of your business and your clients aren’t just anyone. Your business success requires you to clearly identify your clients and then determine what specific problem you can solve for them that will change their life the most. 

As we’ve discussed in Part One and Part Two of this series, discovering your unique superpower and then developing this superpower to maximize your earning potential, are the first two steps. 

Now here in Part Three of the Signature Idea™ Series, you’ll learn exactly how to instantly attract your perfect clients with a Signature Message™ that has them excited and ASKING to work with you.

What Your Perfect Clients Want The Most!

Knowing this is the KEY to unlocking massive success in your business.

Whoever your client is, the first thing you need to remember is that, universally, they are a human being. And if they’re a client, they are the one who is willing to reach into their wallet, take out their credit card and pay you for the problem that you’ll be solving for them. While this is a transactional relationship, you’ll be taking the first necessary steps by relating to them on a human level.

Regardless of whether your business is based around an online course, a digital program, one-on-one coaching, or year-long consulting, you’ll need to interact with your client at the human level. 

But while being human obviously exists on the universal level, relating to people on a human level is actually quite the reverse of universal. It’s quite specific, rather. Being able to appeal to a person’s human side means addressing that person’s specific needs and desires. You cannot reach everyone, nor should you want to. 

Success in this business means determining who your particular message is for and targeting that audience. It means you need to decide whose problems your system is best equipped to solve and then identify and reach out to the specific people who have those problems.

Because, what your perfect clients want more than anything else is to feel seen and heard by you.

The Importance of Knowing Your M.A.C.

The heart of every successful coaching business will always be the clients. But it’s not just any clients that drive success. It’s the most amazing ones. These are the clients who will take action, the ones who will commit to your program, and whose excitement will lead to follow-through and the sort of client base you can count on.

At Signature Success®, we refer to these most amazing clients as MACs, which stands for Most Amazing Clients. These are the people who will be attuned to what you have to offer. They will engage with you and your program on a fundamental level. They will get excited about the specific problems you’re solving for them. As a result, they will feel connected to you, and from this relationship with MACs, success progresses naturally.

But how do you FIND these MACs, and how do you KEEP them? 

Especially when there is so much competition?

We use a system that offers a way to both attract MACs and rise above the competition in holding on to them, and we’ve created an acronym, O.U.T. C.A.R.E.

Here is a break down of how this works Step-By-Step for you to follow. This is part of our Signature Method™ and a process we go through in great depth at Signature Success. But let’s take a look at what the acronym stands for, then we’ll take a deeper dive into what each component means for your business. And finally, we’ll look at how you can start using the O.U.T. C.A.R.E. system to leverage your business.

What Is O.U.T. C.A.R.E.?

O. Stands for “On Their Mind Problem”

Earlier I said that the savvy coach knows their program is not meant to reach everyone. But that hardly means it’s limited in the number of people it can potentially reach. There are seven billion people on this planet, and each of them is kept up at night thinking about several problems. The solution that you have to offer will meet the needs of a problem on the minds of many people.

U. Stands for “Unmistakable Markers”

This is where we start to narrow down who our target audience is and how to identify them. Perhaps your person is a successful single. Maybe you know your message is meant for women over 40. Whatever it is, whether your target is likely to live in a city or a suburb, you want to determine what the markers are for identifying your MACs.

T. Stands for “Trying to Solve” the Problem

The ideal MAC knows they have a problem and have tried to solve it previously. Perhaps they’ve gone it alone or spent a lot of time on Google, or maybe they’ve even invested in a program, but this is not their first go-around. They are aware of the problem, they have tried to deal with it, but on their own they’re not able to find a solution. That’s why they need your help!

C. Stands for “Can Pay for Your Solution”

This is your business, and at the end of the day, you need to get paid. While you’re in this to help people, it’s important to remember that money is energy, and part of your success is having a good income. In helping people solve problems, you’ll be improving their lives and contributing to the ripple effect of making the world better. But it’s important you get paid for your efforts.

A. Stands for “Aspirational Identity”

Many people know that they have a problem, but they also have to really want to change that problem. And there will be something in common among those that do: They will have a set of goals and even an identity they want to achieve. By identifying those aspirations, you will be a big step ahead in finding your MACs.

R. Stands for “Resonates”

This comes down to being able to connect with your potential client. Will your story, values and cultural identity make the client connect with you? That’s what creates a client who says, “I want to be a part of your world,” and allows them to trust you to help them find the solution to their problem. 

E. Stands for “Eager”

Not everyone wants to change. Your MACs will not only want to change, but they will also be ready and eager to embrace and implement the changes that are a part of your program. This is what makes a person reach for their credit card, not out of pressure, but because it’s what they want.

O.U.T. C.A.R.E. Your Competition

Let’s take a closer look at what these seven aspects of MACs are really about and how you can develop them into a signature method. 

On Their Mind Problem

This is all about joining the conversation already taking place in your MAC’s head. There are a lot of coaches out there who have lofty and well-meaning goals in what they want to offer their clients. For instance, I’ll have a coach come to me and say I want to help people find their “inner light.” But finding one’s inner light isn’t solving a problem, and it’s definitely not what’s keeping someone up at night. 

Here are a few real-world problems that you can use as examples in determining what your On Their Mind Problem is:

  • How do I stop beating up on myself so much?
  • How can I stop all the negative voices in my head?
  • Am I attracting the wrong kind of men?
  • Why am I always fighting with my kids?
  • How do I find the courage to ask for a raise?
  • How do I get past my fear to really put myself out there?

An “On the Mind Problem” means it’s already on your client’s mind. You don’t have to educate them that they have the problem. They know it, and they’re already waking up every morning fully aware that they’ve got this issue.

Unmistakable Markers

This is where we go back to what I was saying at the beginning of the article. To relate to someone on a human level, you don’t want to be universal — you want to be specific. While it is so tempting in this business to try and reach everyone, that’s a fatal mistake. You want to reach your MACs, and that means learning to identify them. Is the person with the problem likely to be over 40, someone who’s divorced, never married? Think long and hard about who you’re trying to reach because it’s critical to finding your MAC, and MACs are the key to success.

Tried to Solve

The fact that they’ve already tried to solve their problem means they are much more likely to be ready and willing to take the next steps and hire a coach. But it’s important to drill down deeper here. How have they tried to solve their problem previously? By thinking carefully about what actions your MACs have most likely taken before, you’ll be able to better identify who they are, what they need, and how you can best connect with them. 

There’s an additional advantage that comes with further exploring the Tried to Solve. When they’ve tried to solve their problem previously, what myths did they encounter? What bad solutions did they try? By answering those questions, you’ll be a step ahead in helping them to successfully solve their problems as well as finding a deeper level of connection with them. 

Can This Person Pay You

This comes down to two questions. Do they have the means to pay you, and are they willing to pay you? We’ll address whether they are willing later. But it’s critical that your potential MAC has a salary, savings, or assets. While it is noble to want to help single moms from low-income households, you’ll only be able to do that if you have clients who are financially supporting you. Do that first, find financial success, and then become involved in a foundation to help others who perhaps cannot pay.

Aspirational Identity

This comes in two forms. There is inner aspirational identity where a person wants to feel better on the inside. Outer aspirational identity is where they want more status. Do they want more meaning in their life, or are they thinking about how others view them? It’s important to answer this question because it’s a key component of truly solving their problem. It also gives you an important edge in identifying your MACs.


This is an important question to answer when it comes to dealing with the competition. Right now, people are hungry to change, perhaps more than ever before. And they are willing to pay for help in achieving that change. The reason that they will choose you over someone else comes down to how much they resonate with you, your story, and your program. By targeting those MACs who you know will resonate with you, you won’t have to worry about the competition.

This is also where the human touch really comes in, and remember, you have to be specific. You need to connect to the hearts and minds of your MACs. If you go after the wrong clients, the ones who don’t resonate with you, you will end up being drained on several levels.


Your job is not only to offer the right message with the right solution, but to do so at the right time. Our Signature Offer goes into detail about something called the customer journey, which can help you understand this concept on a deeper level, but what it’s important to remember is that a MAC will be eager to take action. Some clients might take more time than others to achieve their goals, and this is fine. What is key is that they are eager to go on this journey with you.

Why You Can Join The Top 3% of Coaches Who Create a Multiple 6 to 7 Figure Income

It’s important to remember that this all takes some real work, and in the coaching world, only 3% achieve six figures. Just 1% gets to seven figures. And you can be one of them when you have the right path to follow.

This work is so rewarding on a spiritual level, but by following the Signature Method®, you can also find it extremely rewarding on a financial level.

This is only the beginning of how you can use O.U.T. C.A.R.E. to rise above the competition and find your MACs. For a more in-depth look at this important topic, take advantage of our FREE Five-Day Signature Offer Workshop. By signing up today, you’ll be taking steps to turn your coaching into a HIGH TICKET SIGNATURE OFFER of your own to become the most sought after and talked about business in your market.

About The Author

Karen Smith is a veteran business strategist who started a six-figure fashion company in Trinidad at the age of 16. Three decades later, she’s launched businesses in six different industries, including two multi 7-figure businesses. With this proven experience, she has perfected the art of helping six-, seven- and eight-figure entrepreneurs scale their online companies. As the founder and CEO of Signature Success®, she uses techniques that blend neuroscience research with proven corporate strategies to help her clients find clarity, create positive global change and build the businesses they were born to lead.

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