How To Find Your Signature Superpower To Create Your 6 to 7 Figure Online Course or Program

By Karen Smith

January 17, 2019

Signature Idea™ Series - Part 1 of 4

Are you a coach, consultant or service provider looking to build and grow an online signature course or program? Perhaps you're not sure how to stand out and get noticed online. Or not sure exactly what to say to your perfect clients to have them excited to buy your online coaching program. 

If you want to help more people and make a bigger impact by going beyond one-on-one coaching with an online signature program that positions you as the top of mind "Go-To" expert in your market, you're in the right place!

The key to achieving this is to find your unique Signature Idea for your online course or program that will immediately capture the attention of your perfect clients and have them ASKING to work with you. 

In this four-part Signature Idea™ video series, you'll get the step-by-step process, tools and secrets to stand out and create the Signature Idea that will allow you to build a six or seven-figure online coaching business. 

Let's get started!

What Is a Signature Superpower?

A Signature Superpower™ is your unique ability to confidently deliver transformational results to your perfect clients in a way no one else can.

This is achieved using the three core pillars of the Signature Method® – a proprietary marketing method that combines a Signature Idea™ with a Signature Message™ and a Signature Offer™ together in a very unique new way using neuroscience and proven marketing strategies.

The result: A revolutionary NEW marketing methodology for attracting your perfect clients, called Neuro-Magnetic™ Marketing. 

You may be wondering…
“Why does having a Signature Superpower work so well?”

Because it establishes the right foundation from the very beginning — one that helps you to create confidence. The confidence will come naturally because the Signature Idea starts with your unique superpower. 

By spreading your unique Signature Message™, you’ll be able to not only reach out to your perfect clients, but also get them excited to pay you for your help. 

We call it the Signature Idea because it’s all about finding the uniqueness that will allow you to truly stand out and shine.

The idea behind this four-part Signature Idea™ Video Series is for you to do the serious work in developing your Signature Idea. This will allow you to hit the ground running as you prepare to grow your business. To put it most simply, the Signature Idea is the idea that will allow you to grow your business into the six or seven-figure business of your dreams. 

To discover your Signature Idea, it’s good to consider the two main types of people. There are the visionaries who have no shortage of ideas. And that’s the problem — they have a hard time settling on just one idea to actually begin doing. And then there are the implementers. These natural doers can struggle to find an idea to implement.

Whichever camp you fall into, you’ve come to the right place. The Signature Method can help you brainstorm an idea, choose the perfect one for you, and then set about implementing it.

And if you’re already coaching or consulting and have an idea that’s working, perhaps you want to make a bigger impact and reach more people. You’re also in the right place because the Signature Method offers the tools to refine your idea to maximize profitability while maintaining your passion for this work.


How To Find Your Signature Superpower

To find your unique Signature Superpower, you’re going to begin by drawing on what’s most unique about yourself. And that’s your superpower. And you may not realize it yet, but you’ve all got one. And I’m not going to leave you hanging. I’m going to teach you the four places where you’ll be able to find that unique superpower that you already have.

1. Natural Genius

This type of genius is innate. You don’t have to be a PhD-level astrophysicist to have natural genius. You might have something that simply comes naturally to you, like being organized and having an uncanny ability to manage your time and resources. This might be something you have undervalued about yourself that some people will pay good money for you to help them create, hone and develop these talents in their own lives.

I once had a client who was a single mom, hustling and struggling to make ends meet. She really just wanted more time to spend at home with her kids and have a stable income. But she was lacking in confidence. She said to me, “I’m a high-school dropout. I’ve never been an executive. What do I have to offer people.” 

So I asked her what she gets complimented on. She thought about it a bit, and then told me that wherever she goes, whether it’s out to McDonald’s or to the pool, people always compliment her on how well-behaved her kids are. And they ask her how she does it. 

And the truth is, that is something people are willing to pay good money for. How do you responsibly raise well-behaved kids? 

And she built on that and put in a lot of hard work. After a beta launch and then an official launch, within just four months, she was making five figures and achieving her dream by creating a program on how to raise kids confidently. That’s unnoticed genius.

Action Step: Look around your own life without comparing it to others. What problems are you solving for yourself or other people that someone would pay you to do?

2. Purposeful Genius

As we’ll see later in the series, so much of making a real impact in the world is about helping people solve their problems. No doubt, you’ve faced some struggle and some adversity in your life. And how did you overcome it? What problems have you overcome in your own life? Successfully beating challenges can make you an expert and can teach you how to teach others how to solve their own similar problems.

This is one I drew on myself. I was a single, successful female who was great in business and great raising the kids, but I did not have a life partner. One thing this did for me was to develop empathy for all the great single women out there. And that’s one key to becoming a winning coach: developing empathy for your clients. It also motivated me to solve the problem in my life. I drew on everything I knew about neuroscience and heart math and biofeedback, and I met someone great with whom I’ve built a life with. And from the bottom of my heart, I wanted to share this with others. I wanted others to be able to gain from all the work I’d put into solving this problem in my life. 

Action Step: Dig deep within yourself. What struggles have you overcome? What lessons have you learned from those struggles? Therein may lie the source of your purposeful genius and the core of your Signature Message.

3. Expertise

Instead of coming about your signature idea naturally or purposefully, you may have put in countless hours becoming an expert at something. It could be something like swimming, hand-lettering or creating amazing websites. The list is endless. 

And this is your superpower. These are the good habits, and the routines, and the hours and hours you’ve spent perfecting a skill. You’re offering to teach an actual skill, and there are people out there hungry to learn from your expertise.

Action Item: What have you done countless times that you can now package as a skill? Can you train others to teach this skill? Create a how-to guide on being successful at a particular skill? If so, your expertise can be the root of your signature idea.

4. A Super Passion

If none of these areas to look for your superpower have resonated with you, maybe you have an area in your life or a hobby that brings you ultimate passion. When people see your passion, they want what you have. 

What is it you’re passionate about? Not just interested in, but truly passionate about? It could be a hobby like crafting or activism. It’s a bit like a skill, but it’s more of a passion that you want to share. 

Remember, passion is infectious. With a passion, someone might not be looking to build their whole life around it, but they’ll be willing to invest in a program to share this passion of yours. 

When you’re passionate about something, that will fill you with joy, and not only will you want to share that joy with others, but others will be eager to partake of that joy with you. It lights you up, and others will want to be lit up with you.

Action Item: Can you harness the power of your passion and convert it into some type of program?


Signature Idea Blockers And How To Avoid Them (For Good!)

Condensing your superpower down to these four things can make it seem simple, but there are some real challenges, nonetheless. Believe it or not, the biggest challenge in finding your superpower is actually yourself.

I see this over and over in so many of our clients at all levels, so don’t worry if this is your struggle too – fear! 

Fear of picking the wrong idea, or of leaving the “right” idea behind… I know, these are your babies! Or the fear of implementing your idea and it doesn’t work. Or the fear you won’t be able to find the right clients, and fear of failure if you do. 

Here’s the thing about what you’re creating, you are becoming an entrepreneur! 

An entrepreneur is someone who solves a specific problem for someone else. They see a gap in the world, and they seek out to solve that problem. That is what your program does. That is what your signature idea does. 

All you need to do right now is find that problem that YOU can uniquely solve. 

Remember, there are seven billion people out there. They all have a handful of problems they are thinking about right now that need to be solved. There’s always going to be someone looking for what you have to offer. By tapping into your own unique superpower and the problem you are able to solve, you’ll be well on your way to finding your Signature Idea. The one you’ll want to share with the right clients — the ones who are eager to pay for what you have to offer.

With your superpower and your Signature Idea, you will quite naturally stand out as completely unique.

Your Next Step
We’re just getting started in this four-part series designed to help you find your Signature Idea. But once you do, there’s still a lot more left to learn. We can help you turn your business into a HIGH TICKET SIGNATURE OFFER when you sign up for our Five Day Signature Offer Workshop. We’ll teach you how to become the most talked-about and sought-after program in your market, so sign up now to learn in-depth about the Signature Method.

About The Author

Karen Smith is a veteran business strategist who started a six-figure fashion company in Trinidad at the age of 16. Three decades later, she’s launched businesses in six different industries, including two multi 7-figure businesses. With this proven experience, she has perfected the art of helping six-, seven- and eight-figure entrepreneurs scale their online companies. As the founder and CEO of Signature Success®, she uses techniques that blend neuroscience research with proven corporate strategies to help her clients find clarity, create positive global change and build the businesses they were born to lead.