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The NEW Experiential Curriculum Design


Experiential Curriculum Design

Why do some coaches, consultants and service providers have huge success, while others struggle year after year to create the income they truly deserve?

Your business deserves more

Don't get stuck in distraction with all the tactics and $2K programs that can't deliver the customized system you specifically need. 

No matter where you are in your business, you must have a success path that includes 3 core pillars customized to where you are in your specific business. 


Create a constant flow of your perfect clients using your unique Signature Method® that instantly speaks to their hearts and minds and sets you apart as the authority. 


Save time with a simple content strategy that is specifically designed for coaches & course creators to go from "unknown" to "happy paying customers" in the shortest amount of time.


Be known for having the best results in your market with a Signature Programdesigned with Neuroscience as the core of your Signature Business Machine so you have referral revenue in addition to seamless launches.

Without focusing on these 3 pillars, you'll never build the tribe of followers, generate the sales or become the authority that you were born for.


WE DON'T JUST CARE ABOUT the INCOME you'll make...

We care about helping you deliver actual results to more people and make a bigger impact with more lives changed.

5,000+ Happy Clients

32 Years Experience as a Transformational Program Leader

Trusted Marketing Specialist for Inc. 500 Brands

Hi, I'm Karen Smith, and I've been in your shoes... 

Knowing deep down that I had something to bring to the world and to make an impact online.

I bought program after program and even hiring the high ticket 'guru's, I was tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket and nothing to show for it!

Yet, I had previously created multiple 7 figure retail and eCommerce businesses, hired and managed teams of 30 to 40 people and won top seller awards three years in a row. 

So what was I missing?!

I soon realized that I had the answer all along, and actually had much more experience than these self proclaimed online marketing gurus who don't really know how to help you create your unique signature business - one that will inspire and fuel you, not lead to overwhelm and burnout!

That's why I put everything I've learned over 30+ years of real business success into the Signature Success™ System - to help you build the business you were born for!

Because, I truly believe...

 “If you are not living YOUR purpose, you’re living someone else's”.

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Signature Success™ System

stop WASTING time and money

Work with a mentor who can actually help you build and scale the business that is right for you, with a proven step-by-step Signature Success™ System based on 30+ years of experience & 7 figure success in multiple industries. 

With the world going virtual, great coaches & consultants must stand out online now more than ever. You need a solid Signature Program that makes you not only stand out as a top priority but also gets your clients the best results in your niche.

At Signature Success we know you need a revolutionary system that works in today's world. The problem is, there are too many distractions for tactics you don't need, which makes you feel frustrated and overwhelmed. We believe that you and your business deserve more. You shouldn't waste time or money on any more $2k programs that leave you incomplete.

We understand, and we don't just care about the income you'll make, we care about the lives you will impact. Which is why we've helped more than 5,000 happy clients create the impact and income with the right Signature Business System for them.